Found! Fun Espresso Line Art

I have been looking around for something that shows my love of coffee in a simple bit of art. Mostly what I find is bits of art surounded with text that is witty or product specific. CafePress is a good place to just hunt about for what your looking for on a tshirt or mug… usually though you have thousands of tshirts to sort through.

I happened to hit the right button yesterday and found this quick swash of lines that says “I’m a coffee fan” without words. The art is available in brown line on white, black line or white and white line on black – on caps and tshirts. The links go directly to the CafePress page that has the creator’s offering. I put an email into them asking if they would do a mouse pad with their art… that would be fun to have on the desk!

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Screen shot 2009-12-05 at 9.17.25 AM


Tis the season for Coffee Cake

While I am pretty much a coffee drinker, even more so a espresso drinker than coffee. For most folks, coffee is one part of a two part event. There is the coffee and there is the ‘some sort of snack’ food. Coffee Cake is by name, the one food item that really wants to be thought of as the perfect coffee side item.

There are the cookies, the breads, the sandwiches and the sweets… all very important for particular coffee times. In case your thinking that there is but one ‘coffee cake’ and then your done. I found a nice list of 21, many of which I had not heard of and even more that will need to be tried.

As it would happen, this list of 21 Coffee Cakes is actually 21 Tempting Coffee Cake Recipes. So, the pleasure wont be ours of sampling many till we spend a bit of time in the kitchen… or convince a loved one that during the festive season it would be fun for a ‘family’ project. Fear not, the list of ingredients for Coffee Cake is short and only involves mixing them all together and baking. Hmmm… baking is a good time to have a cup of great coffee too, this could be  a start of a wonderful relationship!


Pictured is Janet’s Apple Ginger Hazelnut Coffee Cake


For the love of Caffeine

While many folks love the taste of coffee, either for it’s bite, bitter, smooth or richness. Others, when they are being honest, are all about the Caffeine jolt. No matter which group you fall into, ThinkGeek offers a bit of fun around Caffeine.  Personally, I have a Molecule TShirt… but they do have all the hard to find Caffeine candies, drinks, edibles, mugs and other accessories. ThinkGeek Caffeine

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Has Starbucks VIA set the standard too high?

Brandy is back! After she her first Instant Coffee with the new Starbucks, I asked if she would take a look at some of the other options available in the little ‘easy carry’ options getting so popular these days. She did and…

In having the opportunity to try Nescafé Taster’s Choice single serve coffee packets, I realized that not all instant coffee is created equal. The single packet of 100% Columbian freeze-dried coffee, while convenient, provides only 6 ounces of coffee. Starbucks VIA makes 8 ounces and, for me, 2 ounces makes a huge difference. The Nescafé website even says, “If you want more than 6 ounces, you may need to use an extra stick.” True story. Unless you want to drink it from a thimble, you’ll probably want to use two packets. The Columbian brew was more than I bargained for. The texture was smooth (dissolved like a dream); the flavor was not. The flavor was definitely strong, but not what I would call “rich.” I found it overpowering, with a bitter after-taste that could only be called a “twang.” At first, I tried it only with sugar, but about halfway through my cup, I ended up with creamer that never really cut, but only competed with the intense flavor of the coffee. Since the flavor was so extreme, I wondered if the 6 ounces of water was an underestimate; it was not. Adding extra water only results in a watered-down cup of coffee. At 180 mg of caffeine, if you’re just looking for a quick jolt, a packet of Nescafé Taster’s Choice will get the job done. If you’re looking to enjoy a well-balanced, flavorful cup of coffee, I think you should look somewhere else.
Coffee cup


When Espresso goes the way of art

Remember the atmosphere of coffee houses of the 60s and 70s shown in movies. People sitting about at small tables, in the dark, sipping a variety of sizes of coffee drinks while listing to artists reach deep and performing their poems. What if the those cups of coffee could speak up and perform their own bits are art. Would espressos have darker, more intense things to say? I can imagine a stool sitting up front on ‘open mic night’ with a white mug, head of brown foam and an attitude.

Karen had a different take of letting coffee speak out. Helping a cup of coffee show it’s artistic side by using coffee as a paint over regular oils, watercolors or pencils.

According to her bio, she has been doing portraits since she was 14 – enjoying coffees in New Orleans (sketching friends in the French Quarter). Now in Tulsa, Oklahoma – Karen uses a technique of layering coffee for shading. This must take real creativity to see the images in her mind and build it up like clay but with coffee. I wonder if her past as a Barista helped… personally, I still can’t sketch. Good for her!

Take a look at Karen’s ‘Coffee Creations’ on her site: She offers cards, magnets and prints of many sizes.
I literally stumbled on it while looking for pictures of coffee beans today.

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