Are you subscribing to your espresso beans?

I had mentioned last year at this time that illy was offering a big discount on one of their machines if you signed up for monthly delivery of coffee delivery (illy Y1 iperEspresso Machine discounted). They had no length of time requirements but the machine only used illy’s capsules so if you didn’t do their service you didn’t have coffee in the morning.

A friend posted up on twitter that he just got his Tonx delivery. He was so excited that I had to look into what he was talking about. is a small company that looks for beans they like, they roast them and send out a lb to folks that subscribe. They can’t promise a particular bean each month as they never know what they will find and how long their inventory will last.

Do you subscribe to a espresso bean delivery like Tonx offers? There are offerings from a lot of the larger bean providers, but not the giant chains. Do you like a variety of beans from time-to-time or do you like to stick with what you love? Since coffee beans are a crop, it means a location will have a different flavored bean from one year to another, only the giants will match on flavor consistency. While the smaller shops like the variety.

In the past, folks have given gifts of magazine subscriptions, cigar subscriptions, and even movie services like Netflix… will espresso bean subscriptions be the next big thing?