LG Duobo: Revolutionizing Your Brew with Dual Pod Magic

LG would like to help you tune your coffee experience by providing a solution to mix Nespresso coffee pods. When I first saw the news about their device, I thought of the Pringles ads where people try mixing flavors chips for a new experience. I have not thought of mixing Nespresso flavors, but perhaps the LG Duobo will push me to try. Since it is LG, there is a lot more going on than a two puck coffee maker.

The control is in your hands, quite literally, with the Duobo mobile app. This tool lets you tweak the brewing process to perfection. Adjust the temperature, play with the pressure, and tailor your cup of joe exactly to your taste. The level of customization here is simply unmatched.

Design-wise, the Duobo is a touch of vintage space exploration. Its sleek, space probe-like appearance isn’t just for show – it’s a symbol of the endless possibilities and new flavors waiting to be discovered in the vast universe of coffee.

The Duobo is about an experience. With the Duobo sitting on an integrated full HD IPS display where you place your coffee cup, right where the rocket fire should come out. You’re treated to an immersive experience with animations and informative content about your beloved brew.

The Duobo was launched on Kickstarter, offering a chance to be among the first to elevate their coffee game. Although it was shown in Vegas at the 2024 CES show, I have yet to find where you can buy one to try. All of the LG mention is only that it is a research project linking to a Kickstarter project that has closed.

Until they ship or at least a influencer gets their hands on one, the info about when we get to play with coffee mixing is a unknown.

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Nespresso Introduces Home Compostable Capsules

Don’t let it get around, but we do enjoy an occasional Nespresso or Keurig coffee when buzzing about our day. We are particular to the smaller options for when we have very little time between tasks and need a touch of coffee pleasure.

The expert coffee masters at Nespresso have spent the past 30 years perfecting their craft and it’s paying off! Nespresso has recently unveiled something unique – paper-based capsules that not only bring us our signature bold flavour but, for an added bonus, are made with fully home compostable technology. And if this isn’t enough to get your taste buds tingling then they’ve got four new blends from regions all over sourced through our renowned AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. So, while the current capsules is low volume aluminum, the future with home compostable paper capsules is making us happier.


Finding a gift for the Coffee lover in your life

From time to time, I get an email from services like Fab and Fancy, outlining their latest offerings. Usually, these are clothing items or a bit of furniture. Sometimes, there may even be a new coffee pot or coffee mug.

Today, I was bouncing around the Fancy site and stumbled upon a nice find. Fancy actually has a page that they have pulled together links to all of their coffee and espresso related items in one area. Fancy calls it a ‘gift’ area, perfect place to drop into conversations when discussing upcoming holidays. Heh-heh.

Here is a couple screen shots of the bigger area:

Fancy coffee gift 1

Fancy coffee gift 2


illy offering gifts with their subscription coffee bean deliveries

I received a fun bit of postal mail this weekend. A postal from illy (love their “live happ-illy”).

illy subscription

For the past year, I have been receiving a bag of beans every few weeks from the folks at Tonx. I have mentioned before there are many options for subscription bean delivery but it is always hard to know what you will get. Tonx offers an unknown, as they send the latest they find. For those not wanting to live on the edge, illy might be a solution to having great beans or capsules and pods delivered right to your door where you will know in advance what will be arriving.

The  card in the mailer offered three different cup/mug options to enjoy at no charge as a complimentary addition to subscription. Then, different coffee delivery types divided into Medium, Dark and Decaf roasts. Finally, how often the delivery should be every: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 weeks.

With coffee shops on every other corner and many major grocery stores offering ‘fresh’ bean selections, why would anyone have beans delivered to their house? I for one, always buzz right by the coffee shop every morning, only stopping the day I ran out of beans. If this is a problem you have too, illy offers the same subscriptions via their Web site as they sent on the post card: illyusa.com/discover913

illy subscription page


Everything you need to know about coffee, from a 1961 perspective

Some people look at coffee and think that little has changed in the last 40+ years. Then, you see this video and remember how really different ‘coffee’ and the preparation of coffee was back in the early 60s. People thought of why they drank coffee differently. They had a different persecutive on what made a ‘good cup of coffee’. And one of the biggest differences is how they made their coffee. We have actually spent the last few years collecting many of the methods they show here, even the unique and very fun containers for the process to be proper. Whether you were drinking coffee in 1961 or even born then, this is a fun video to have an appreciation for where we are now. Now, with little pucks of processed ground beans, we are waiting forever as the machine does it’s thing in less than two minutes.