illy shares their Marocchino Caldo recipe for free!

I never mind when a company sends me a free coffee recipe… especially when it isn’t linked to a hard sale.

Illy sent an email today giving their recipe for a Marocchino Caldo. It is a pretty simple drink to make and was oh so good this morning! No special equipment needed.

Of course, illy does mentioned they have many more coffee drink recipes in a book they have for sale. Since it was a light mention of the book and they didn’t make the email a pressure sale, I feel good about passing on the recipe and passing on an unsolicited mention they offer many more in a 44 page hardcover book. Keep it fun!!



Amazing Espresso Quantity Mix Graphic!

I was sent a link directly to this graphic that is a really nice piece of work. It shows how much of each ingredients goes into a variety of coffee drinks. The different coffee drinks are mentioned with an arrow to it’s ‘mix’ group. The overlapping circles show how much of what goes into a successful drink. It isn’t something you will actually base your pour on but it is a fun reference when you think of a drink for what it will be when handed to you.

At the bottom of the graphic is a t-shirt image and the link to the jpg is for a subpage. But, I have searched the site using the number in the graphic’s URL and for espresso/coffee… nothing. If I find the actual items with the graphic printed on, I’ll post later. For now… enjoy.



Martha Stewart plus New Coffee Filters = Holiday Fun Craft

Martha Stewart to the rescue for the holidays. A particularly great idea if you just went from a drip coffee maker to a single cup pod machine… what to do with all those paper filters up in the kitchen cabinet. Why not make a holiday wreath out of them?

The project is actually pretty quick and takes the filters, something to poke the holes with, a bit of ribbon, a paper plate (read the directions, you can substitute for different size wreaths) and a glue gun… the ever crafty ‘glue gun’. She frowns on people taking her plans from her sites and books, so the next step is to jump over to her site and see the ‘very’ simple instructions. The only age restriction is the need for the hot glue gun… maybe a kids glue stick could be used, will have to play with that.



A couple nice finds for Espresso Cup fans…

Two fun espresso cup items came my way this weekend, without even looking. Strange how things work out like that.

The first was a group of designers doing a ‘espresso cup of the day‘. Which you can purchase individually. The cups are all over the place in what makes each one unique, here is one that looks like a cupcake!

If your a technology fan as well as an espresso fan, you will be interested to know that the ones you can order are made when you order – “The cups are printed in Glazed Ceramics by Shapeways.” You can read more about the concept and info on each of the cups on the cunicode site.

So many to choose from… where to start?

The second was a postal print mailer I received from Illy USA. It was full of their coffees and coffee makers. A couple pages had their new espresso cup ‘art’. They looked like a lot of fun so I buzzed to the illy USA site to see more information. Sadly, the site has must smaller images and less info than was even in the mailer. I scanned the printed page to share with you so you can see the art much better if your a fan of fun like I am.



Last two days for FREE Starbucks Holiday Drinks!!

We received an email from Starbucks… yes, we hit the button for them to tell us about specials and deals. Sadly, we missed this small bit of text till we where in a Starbucks last night and everyone around us where there with friends for their free holiday drink!

The text from Starbucks:

“Grab a friend and head to a participating Starbucks® store – because November 17-20 from 2-5 p.m., when you buy one holiday drink, you’ll get another one of equal or lesser value for free. Take your pick of your most-loved holiday beverages, including Peppermint Mocha, new Skinny Peppermint Mocha, Caramel Brulée Latte, Gingerbread Latte and Eggnog Latte.”

See ya there… friends…

Photo created on an iPhone using Hipstamatic