Jerry Seinfeld drives his comedy friends around and stops for coffee, the new show must be funny!

I have high hopes for Jerry Seinfeld and his new comedy show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee“.

He brings together his comedy friends, they drive around in classic cars with a GoPro on the dashboard, then stop for a coffee to talk a bit. I’m sure there will be some gags along the way that will mean the most to those having seen Jerry work with that comedian in other shows. The quick preview YouTube video covers a few of the cars and comedians to get a sense of how they will be interacting. There is very little in the video about coffee, which is what we here are all interested in. I wonder if they will always be going to the same coffee spot or not… most likely not since the preview shows the cars in a variety of areas.

The show’s actual site “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” provides little more information other than to say that the show Premieres Thursday, July 19 @ 9pm EST.


Everything you need to know about coffee, from a 1961 perspective

Some people look at coffee and think that little has changed in the last 40+ years. Then, you see this video and remember how really different ‘coffee’ and the preparation of coffee was back in the early 60s. People thought of why they drank coffee differently. They had a different persecutive on what made a ‘good cup of coffee’. And one of the biggest differences is how they made their coffee. We have actually spent the last few years collecting many of the methods they show here, even the unique and very fun containers for the process to be proper. Whether you were drinking coffee in 1961 or even born then, this is a fun video to have an appreciation for where we are now. Now, with little pucks of processed ground beans, we are waiting forever as the machine does it’s thing in less than two minutes.


Retro Espresso Cups… just what the new kitchen ordered

We are always hunting around for the ‘latest’ in retro or vintage looking coffee items. There aren’t many of the old favorites being reproduced so when I find something the whole household gets excited. While we have a nice collection of items on shelves and on the table for looking at… you know, ‘atmosphere’, what we really want is items we aren’t afraid to use. It’s a whole house of clumsy fingers so anything of value is put out of reach.

Last weekend we found these ‘vintage’ looking espresso cups. The site they are offered through was a new find for us as they sell all kinds of retro items that are made today in yesteryear’s designs. Sadly, we have to wait for these little cups and saucers just a bit longer as they are out-of-stock. The site, Retro Planet , does have many other fun items to look through till the cups come back into inventory.

Retro Planet says:

* Made of Designer Stoneware
* Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
* Includes 4 Cups with Matching Saucers
* Includes 1 Cup and 1 Saucer of Each Color:
– Light Green
– Light Blue
– Orange Red
– Brown
* Cup Measures: 3 Dia. x 2H inches, Holds 4 oz.
* Saucer Measures: 4.5 Dia. inches


Fun with Coffee Art… yup, there is an app for that

When a friend told me about the Caffeine tracker app for my iPhone, I spent some time looking around and found a fun Coffee Art app. A glance around the internet finds many food sites that show how creative people can be with their coffee art.

There are books and YouTube videos on how to do those fun bits of art too. All of which are great when sitting on the couch, but when in the kitchen or on the go, you need an app for that. I found one! The iPhone app is called Art of Coffee. And, as the name implies, the application shows you step by step how to create an extra dimension to your morning express0. If not for you, it’s a nice thing to do for someone else you might be pulling a shot for.

The Art of Coffee is only about creating a visually pleasing presentation and not about the actual action of pulling a shot. That said, there is coffee and milk tips in the app, but the 30+ pour instructions are the reason to take a look. Use Art of Coffee for a few tips then choose a design and learn step by step how to make bits that jump out of the cup.

From the software creator:

The designs in the Art of Coffee are divided into two sections and listed as follows:
Essential Art: Chasing Hearts, Four Leaf Clover, Dotted Flower, Seagulls, Etched Rosettas, Simple Heart, Layered Heart, Cradled Heart, Rosetta, Hanging Heart, Rosetta with Heart, Tulip, Smiley

Advanced Art: Butterfly, Ghost, Rabbit, Monkey, Pig, Dragon, Seahorse, Fish, Cowboy, Double Heart, Heart within a Heart, Swan, 6 Leaf Tulip, Double Rosetta, Phoenix, Rosetta with Double Heart, Wreathed Heart, Rosetta with Tulip, Double Heart Double Rosetta.




Coffee as a board game – VivaJava

Just over on Kickstarter looking for fun stuff going on and found VivaJava: The Coffee Game. A board game… about finding the perfect coffee beans from around the world.

The group doing the project has done another Kickstarter game project successfully, and this one is already funded, closing in a few days. That means, anyone who dives in now gets a pre-release game without risk of the project going unfunded.

Board games… remember those? Friends/Family get together and sit in the same room playing a game, no electronic game consul needed. Fun stuff… VivaJava.

VivaJava: The Coffee Game is all about finding that perfect blend of beans to create the next best-seller in the coffee houses and kitchens of the world. Players will travel to exotic coffee-producing nations around the world to collect beans and gain fame and fortune.  But, in order to be successful, players will actually have to work together. Mostly.