Pocket Coffee and Pocket Espresso really isn’t for the Pocket

A friend in Italy was talking about the new Ferrero Pocket drinks have changed their taste this year. The wha?

Looking around the US, they appear to be available from Parthenon Foods, selling through Amazon. There are two versions, a Coffee and a Espresso version. Both are listed as having chocolate included. Of course, we had to order a couple of both to see if they are good by themselves and how they are over our ice cream. Heh-heh…


Pocket Espresso:

225g, 18 pieces of Pocket Coffee with real Italian espresso coffee inside and covered in a chocolate praline. This candy starts out with a caramelized sugar pocket for a sweet espresso liquid. The caramelized sugar is coated with European milk chocolate. The manufacturer (Fererro) claims that eating three pieces is equivalent to a shot of espresso

Pocket Coffee:

Ferrero Pocket Coffee is a bittersweet chocolate tasting exactly like an Italian espresso. 3 pieces of Pocket Coffee is equal to 1 Cup of Espresso. The chocolate taste Like a liquor chocolate, but with strong espresso in the middle instead of liquor. Pocket Coffee is a delectable combination of espresso filled dark chocolate that combines a gourmet chocolate experience with an authentic espresso taste and energy boost.




Amazing Espresso Quantity Mix Graphic!

I was sent a link directly to this graphic that is a really nice piece of work. It shows how much of each ingredients goes into a variety of coffee drinks. The different coffee drinks are mentioned with an arrow to it’s ‘mix’ group. The overlapping circles show how much of what goes into a successful drink. It isn’t something you will actually base your pour on but it is a fun reference when you think of a drink for what it will be when handed to you.

At the bottom of the graphic is a t-shirt image and the link to the jpg is for a threadless.com subpage. But, I have searched the site using the number in the graphic’s URL and for espresso/coffee… nothing. If I find the actual items with the graphic printed on, I’ll post later. For now… enjoy.