illy shares their Marocchino Caldo recipe for free!

I never mind when a company sends me a free coffee recipe… especially when it isn’t linked to a hard sale.

Illy sent an email today giving their recipe for a Marocchino Caldo. It is a pretty simple drink to make and was oh so good this morning! No special equipment needed.

Of course, illy does mentioned they have many more coffee drink recipes in a book they have for sale. Since it was a light mention of the book and they didn’t make the email a pressure sale, I feel good about passing on the recipe and passing on an unsolicited mention they offer many more in a 44 page hardcover book. Keep it fun!!



A couple nice finds for Espresso Cup fans…

Two fun espresso cup items came my way this weekend, without even looking. Strange how things work out like that.

The first was a group of designers doing a ‘espresso cup of the day‘. Which you can purchase individually. The cups are all over the place in what makes each one unique, here is one that looks like a cupcake!

If your a technology fan as well as an espresso fan, you will be interested to know that the ones you can order are made when you order – “The cups are printed in Glazed Ceramics by Shapeways.” You can read more about the concept and info on each of the cups on the cunicode site.

So many to choose from… where to start?

The second was a postal print mailer I received from Illy USA. It was full of their coffees and coffee makers. A couple pages had their new espresso cup ‘art’. They looked like a lot of fun so I buzzed to the illy USA site to see more information. Sadly, the site has must smaller images and less info than was even in the mailer. I scanned the printed page to share with you so you can see the art much better if your a fan of fun like I am.



McDonald’s first holiday drink – McCafé Peppermint Mocha

A week after we saw Starbucks roll out their holiday season drinks, McDonald’s has announced that they too will have a seasonal drink. Both of these companies will only offer these drinks over the year ending holidays.

For McDonald’s, we get the Peppermint Mocha, bot as a coffee drink and a hot chocolate drink.

The addition should be a nice add to their product line. A product line that I have read makes up 20% of the total sales McDonald’s does. To make sure plenty of folks try, love, and buy the new Peppermint Mochas, there will be sampling dates around the US. Keep an eye on the McDonald’s twitter posts (@McCafeYourDay and @McDonalds) for a mention of a town near you.

For Nutrition concerns, they are available via the McDonald’s McCafe site:



Illy offering complimentary samples of their new Italian Coffees in a can

Illy isn’t calling it “Italian Coffee in a Can”, that is just what I thought of when I saw it.

In my email inbox this morning was the below offer. It appears that Illy is adding to their line of Issimo line with 2 new drinks… Mochaccion and Caffe No Sugar. As you can see in the screenshot of the email below, use the code to get a free sample when you make your next purchase through Illy.

I will be doing research and report back here any caffeine and flavor information I can find. Let me know if you take them up on the offer how you enjoyed your Issimo.


Espresso with the speed of a puck machine but still real frothed milk!

You love the speed of a puck coffee maker but don’t like the ‘pucks’ of so called milk. You enjoy espresso but have a time keeping fresh beans in the house. If this describes you, I have a find you will be interested in. Personally, I was excited.

Illy has several pre-packaged coffee ‘pucks’ options. Their new style, I have mentioned here before are little plastic single use Capsules. And, the long term solution are their E.S.E pods, which are individually wrapped coffee in what looks like filter material. The E.S.E Pods can be purchased from a variety of stores and online suppliers. E.S.E Pods come in Medium, Dark and Decaf.

Their new machine, Mitaca POD1 Espresso Machine, uses these E.S.E Pods. And also has a milk frothing steam nozzle! This is big if you like the speed of the k-cup style machines but don’t want to use the ‘milk’ pucks like in the Tassimo or Dolce machines. The manufactures make an attempt at filling the need of frothed milk but it tastes very different from the milk in your fridge. Interesting enough, from the circle of friends I chatted with about the new Mitaca POD1, they all found it easy to keep fresh milk on hand but difficult to store and grind beans for a quick espresso or cappuccino.

The Mitaca POD1 has the option of the monthly service too. Currently, the machine is just under $400 dollars, but if you go for the monthly coffee delivery option they sell you the machine for $175 US. They also throw in four of their Illy espresso cups on the monthly package.

Particulars from the IllyUSA site:

  • Electronic low water level alarm
  • Steam nozzle makes frothing milk easy
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Adjustable tray for small and large cups
  • Automatic pod ejection
  • Aluminium thermoblock
  • Pump pressure: 18 bars
  • Water tank: 50.7 ounces
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Available colors: Red, and Silver

Measures: 8.6” w x 11.4” d x 10.2” h