Nespresso Introduces Home Compostable Capsules

Don’t let it get around, but we do enjoy an occasional Nespresso or Keurig coffee when buzzing about our day. We are particular to the smaller options for when we have very little time between tasks and need a touch of coffee pleasure.

The expert coffee masters at Nespresso have spent the past 30 years perfecting their craft and it’s paying off! Nespresso has recently unveiled something unique – paper-based capsules that not only bring us our signature bold flavour but, for an added bonus, are made with fully home compostable technology. And if this isn’t enough to get your taste buds tingling then they’ve got four new blends from regions all over sourced through our renowned AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program. So, while the current capsules is low volume aluminum, the future with home compostable paper capsules is making us happier.