LG Duobo: Revolutionizing Your Brew with Dual Pod Magic

LG would like to help you tune your coffee experience by providing a solution to mix Nespresso coffee pods. When I first saw the news about their device, I thought of the Pringles ads where people try mixing flavors chips for a new experience. I have not thought of mixing Nespresso flavors, but perhaps the LG Duobo will push me to try. Since it is LG, there is a lot more going on than a two puck coffee maker.

The control is in your hands, quite literally, with the Duobo mobile app. This tool lets you tweak the brewing process to perfection. Adjust the temperature, play with the pressure, and tailor your cup of joe exactly to your taste. The level of customization here is simply unmatched.

Design-wise, the Duobo is a touch of vintage space exploration. Its sleek, space probe-like appearance isn’t just for show – it’s a symbol of the endless possibilities and new flavors waiting to be discovered in the vast universe of coffee.

The Duobo is about an experience. With the Duobo sitting on an integrated full HD IPS display where you place your coffee cup, right where the rocket fire should come out. You’re treated to an immersive experience with animations and informative content about your beloved brew.

The Duobo was launched on Kickstarter, offering a chance to be among the first to elevate their coffee game. Although it was shown in Vegas at the 2024 CES show, I have yet to find where you can buy one to try. All of the LG mention is only that it is a research project linking to a Kickstarter project that has closed.

Until they ship or at least a influencer gets their hands on one, the info about when we get to play with coffee mixing is a unknown.

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