Office Coffee Drinkers get an Infographic!

I received an email this week from Katy. She wanted me to know she had something on her site that would be of my interest. It was about coffee and it was an infographic… she is right… I love coffee and am a huge fan of infographics.

The site, Life In The Office covers a variety of interesting things to help folks that work in an office. The infographic, ‘Getting your caffeine fix at the office‘ is a fun bit of visual information. The graphic starts with quantity of caffeine in drinks which I have posted here before. Then though, it turns to how many cups of coffee we drink, who drinks more, what types of coffee drinks people enjoy at the office, how much the enjoyment is costing us, some myths debunked and much more.

Jump on over to the site that Katy writes for if your curious about those other coffee drinkers in your office.


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