Gingerbread coffee drinks – the simple version

It’s getting close to the holiday time of year. We know this because the rains have started and we are staying in the 40s over night instead of the 70s before. With the windows open overnight to let the fresh air in, it means the morning coffee had double duty.

We have our normal espresso pulls for your ‘wake up’ coffee, but after that we turn to our trusty K-Cups to fill in through the day before the afternoon break cappuccinos. The K-Cups have really expanded their bean and flavor choices over the last couple years. The bigger Coffee Shop, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are all putting their beans in the little cups.

A recent find, for us, is the Gingerbread K-Cup coffee option. We can enjoy our coffee with a hint of gingerbread, that isn’t actually overpowering sweet or spicy. The Green Mountain folks producing these holiday flavors claim it is one of their ‘fair trade’ coffees.

As luck would have it, when going to order a new box this morning, we found the Green Mountain Gingerbread flavor listed as out-of-stock. Guess we will have to try the Donut House Cinnamon Roll K-Cups this time.

We’re up for a challenge so we’ll see what we can do to put a list together of all of the ‘winter’ and ‘holiday’ flavored K-Cups. As they come in, we’ll post up how the flavors where. You know how some things sound good on the wrapper and don’t stand up in reality, we’ll see!



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