Tell Me About Your Coffee Spot

As I travel about the world, usually for work, I try to stop and smell the local coffees. Taking time to visit as many local coffee spots I can fit into my buzzing about, drinking the coffee and enjoying the atmosphere.

If you have a location, I would love to hear from you. For locations that will be in my near travel plans, I will drop by for an interview if you have the time. If your off my beaten path and I can’t convince the folks controlling the money here, then we can do the interview over the phone.

I will post those interviews here so others in your area or traveling to your part of the globe will think of you to enjoy what you have to offer. I am not looking for money, this is all about providing a service to help spread the word that there is wonderful coffee choices outside of the big names!

Take a moment to go to the About page on this site and send me info about you, who I should contact for an interview and a few fun facts. Some questions I would like to ask that would be interesting to others:

What makes your spot unique
What is your competition
Is there a particular brand of beans you use
Do you offer chairs, casual chairs, booths
Do you sell non-coffee products
Do you invite artists visual or audio
Do you have something your known for
What made you want to open the location
Are you a stand alone location or in a ‘mall’
Do you do more espresso or premium drinks