Quality mugs make a difference and can be fun!

I was setting out to do a post on a set of Bodum Bistro mugs that where given to me for my recent birthday. They are double walled coffee mugs so they act as a insulator to keep drinks warm or cold. For me, I have a tendancy to drink through my drip coffee quickly since I like it warm to hot. When it cools down it is less of a pleasure drink. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but maybe…

If you have not had the pleasure of a glass coffee mug, there is entertainment value beyond the termal features. For drip coffee, there is quite a show as you add a bit of cream and it works it’s way around the cup, mixing with the dark coffee. Like a Lava Lamp, every showing is different. I attempted to get a image of this and kept ending up with a reflection of my camera. I will post up something when I get it right.

For now, here is a image I grabbed from the provider’s site so you can see it is truly a mug.

I was given a pair of the 15 oz version (Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated Glass Café Latte Mug). They insulate well enough to keep the coffee inside warm while the outside of the mug is cool enough to hold without using the handle. A nice side feature I noticed from a site also reviewing the mugs is that you don’t need to use a coaster since the double wall of glass prevents condensation. Not that I ever sit my coffee around the house but that might be important to some folks. Another item is that while these glass mugs do insulate very well, they are glass so they break easier than a thicker mug.

Now, onto a bit of fun I found while looking for the above image. The folks at Beautiful Life have a post of 25 Creative and Original Mugs. Be prepared when you make the jump, this is a nice showing of mugs. Which means they have a sprinkling of ‘tea’ mugs in there too. It’s a fun collection to see, whether it makes you coffee taste any better or not is another matter.