Coasting to a Clean Coffee Table

I’m always keeping my eyes open for fun ‘coffee’ items. A site, ‘Ponoko’, offers a service where they will use their laser cutters to make your fun ideas come true. Searching about people’s creations, I found a few coasters people call coffee coasters… while nice, they will protect your table but they say nothing about being a coffee lover. I did find this one set of 6 coasters that are the individual letters of COFFEE. I’m sure folks could use these for other beverages… but they would be missing the fun of these. They aren’t cheap, they sure will get you some attention from your visitors though.

A set of six coasters, graphically striking and ideal in 6mm whiteboard, with its practical waterproof and wipeable surface. Each coaster is 11cm square (approx 4.4 inches), so you can actually fit a decent-sized coffee mug on it.”