Some fun, a little coffee fan poem

In morning’s embrace, I find my delight,
A fragrant aroma, a beacon of light,
A love that has lingered, steadfast and true,
Coffee, my darling, my heart beats for you.

From beans gently roasted, a potion is spun,
A dance with a kettle, a waltz just begun,
A pour, a steep, a whispering blend,
A symphony of flavor, on which I depend.

Through raindrops and sunshine, your warmth never falters,
In porcelain chalice or traveler’s altar,
From first morning sip to late evening sigh,
Coffee, sweet nectar, a love that won’t die.

In bustling caf├ęs or quiet retreats,
Your essence entwines us, in passion, we meet,
The froth of a latte, a cappuccino’s art,
Each dark, roasted bean ignites passion’s spark.

So, here’s to you, coffee, my love and my guide,
In each perfect sip, forever reside.

author unknown