Coffee Joulies – A new idea to keep coffee the perfect temperature

Looking around Kickstarter this morning, I noticed a new project called Coffee Joulies. The end product from the project is Stainless Steal ‘Beans’ with a chemical inside that melts at 140 degrees, absorbing excessive heat out of the coffee. Then, they hold that heat to keep the coffee warm beyond what would be a normal length of time. I am in no way involved with this project, but it seemed interesting for my readers that might suffer from their coffee being too hot or for folks that take their time drinking their coffee which gets cold before finished.

There is a time limit to the project (29 days left as of the posting of this). After that date, the project folks go off and manufacture the Coffee Joulies and start to ship. So, if you read this after the project ends and are interested, you may still want to jump to their project to see where you can buy.

The Coffee Joulies developers had a few FAQ items:

How do I use Coffee Joulies?

Pop a few Joulies into your coffee as soon as it’s poured. The hotter the coffee, the more energy Joulies can absorb, and the longer they can keep your coffee the right temperature.

Are Coffee Joulies really safe to put in my coffee?

Yes! Joulies are perfectly safe when used properly, and in fact make drinking coffee safer than usual by reducing the risk of burning your mouth. They sink in your coffee to keep them away from your lips, they won’t ever be hotter than 140°F when used properly (meaning they’ll never burn you), and all the materials used in their construction are food-grade.

What are Coffee Joulies made of?

Joulies are made of the hightest grade stainless steel used in silverware production, ensuring that they are completely safe, will last forever, and will keep their polished finish for a long time.

What’s inside of Coffee Joulies?

Joulies are filled with a proprietary substance called a “Phase Change Material” (PCM) that melts at 140°F and is 100% edible food-grade magic.

How long will my Coffee Joulies last?

Coffee Joulies are made using the same materials and a very similar process as table knives, and will last a lifetime.

If you are new to It is a site that people can present their projects to accept funding from anyone. There is a set amount that must be reached for the project to be considered ‘funded’, if that isn’t reached the people committing money will not be charged. Generally, the project pay off is the product as if you had purchased it at a highly reduced price, mentions and other ways of saying thanks. Money put into a project does not result in any ownership of the project product and is generally not tax deductible.


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