When in South Italy, Drink The Local Espresso

While my family is from Sicily, I find that most of my travels to Italy from the States has me in the Northern parts. Coffees and Espressos of the area are very memorable. So many fine beans, each with their own tastes yet very similar. Wondering if it was just my taste buds, I started researching the coffee differences between north and south… actually, I was researching ‘if’ there was any.

One particular insightful article I found was “Sicilian Coffee: excellence, tradition and culture” from the fine folks of lovesicily.com.

“If you are passionate about coffee and visit the South of Italy for the first time you might be surprised by the different taste of a simple espresso. While in the North and Central part of Italy, people generally prefer the intense aromatic taste of Arabica, in the South they go for a much stronger Robusta coffee.
Coffees made with Arabica are sweeter, more flavoured, slightly acid and often a bit chocolaty with a light beige reddish cream and a varying caffeine while Robusta coffees are less flavoured and bitter, with a brown cream and a stronger caffeine level.”

The article continues with some key spots to visit when in the area so you can enjoy the local beans prepared as they should be. Personally, I find myself making many new friends when stop to smell the coffee and check in with those that know…