If you have to use a Pad Coffee Maker, Go Cool!

The last post was fun finding interesting espresso machine designs, so I set off to find other fun personal coffee items. (We’re snowed in so I’m going through coffee shop withdraws) It didn’t take long to find these Coffee Pad Machines. I had never heard of the company before, and I really doubt these will be found on a store shelf… well, unless IKEA starts making Pad Coffee Makers.

I love the simplistic flush look to the front, the way the cup just fits in it and of course – there are many colors! They are available on the WMF For Home site.

It holds just enough water in the resovour for one cup of coffee. Since it is using pads, the process of making a cup should be less than a minute. I’m not see any adjustments on it so flavor and strength will be adjusted by the brand of pad.