Promoting Your Coffee Spot

When marketing for companies I work with, I’m well known for ‘being where we shouldn’t be’. It’s the idea that you get more attention and smaller ads make more of an impact when your out of the norm. I’m not talking about doing things to shock people, this is about putting your message where people do not expect to see it.

I was reminded of this when I was looking around at another one of my passions (not as much as Coffee of course!), MindMapping. I was doing a search for new news on MindMapping and had not removed ‘coffee’ from the search box and came up with an unexpected post.

No, Mindjetter is not selling coffee these days. But, they have a couple employees that have a coffee passion and they took the time to talk about a bit of fun competition. A great example that searching for Barista Competition will now get their software found.

Don’t run out and ask MindMapping software companies to host your barista competition. But, why not ask local companies to drop by as a place to have an hour off-site meeting. Companies get set in their ways and forget your an option to freshen up a meeting. When their onsite, they could be reminded that you will deliver coffee to their next meeting if they can’t come to you.

Anything you or your customers do is a place to think about for your ads. Golf courses have sponcered holes, sewing clubs need their caffeine too as well Businesses hold classes on doing spreadsheets… think about where people will notice they need a cup of your coffee.