Espresso Art 2 – show off for your friends

Earlier I posted a sort video on how to foam milk and pour to make simple art on top of your espresso drinks. Even something that simple adds a bang to coffee your serve to friends and family.

Step two… way more advanced, is about creating art in the milk foam by moving it around after it is in the espresso. This takes a bit more talent to perfect, but it has been fun. And, generally, anything you do is adds a touch of fun for the eyes to go with the taste.

This video shows how you can create fun images by moving the foam around, adding dots in the foam and even really impressive creations by adding lines of chocolate. Wow! I need more friends to come by in the morning for coffee so I can practice. You have the coffee made, why not play with your food for a second.

espresso art 2


Creating art in your Espresso

A talent I desire is to make fun art in the milk foam when I make espresso for my visitors. It always looks so easy, but mine never turn out quite so perfect. To get better, I went in search of professional help. The pros at the local espresso spot just chuckle and explain nothing. Option two (should have been my first…) is to look on the internet. Books wont really do this skill justice. You really need a video. Hello Google and their YouTube.

Today, let’s start with the basics. How to get the milk just the right constancy so when you pour into the espresso it will hold it’s shape. Here is a quick vid that is a great entry into the fun. I will be posting links to vids rather than have it stream through the site. I hate sites that load slowly as the video cue up even if you aren’t going to watch them. Enjoy!

espresso art 1