Do you drink coffee with your morning yogurt?

Yogurt is one of those food items that has never really caught on with me. From time to time I will have a berry one as a snack but it isn’t part of my regular meal plan. It can be interesting to see all the flavors available though. Why have just Strawberry when you could have Strawberry and Banana… or Strawberry, Banana and Blueberries. Each one on the shelf is just more flavors mixed in than the previous. Until I hit the end of the row, there was Coffee Flavored. Just Coffee and Yogurt. I just had to know.

You have to be a drip coffee lover to like Yoplait’s coffee flavored yogurt. It has a rather strong coffee flavor with an aftertaste you would expect from drinking a cup of coffee. Of course, there is the weirdness to a coffee flavor to something with the consistency of yogurt. The coffee flavoring doesn’t completely hide the yogurt flavor. An unusual mix of flavors, I can imagine this has a very limited market of either lovers or haters. It isn’t the flavor that someone will buy a second time if they didn’t like it. Personally, it wont be my first grab since I enjoy more than just the flavor of coffee from my cup of coffee. But, sure, I’ll buy it again.

While this ‘treat’ is 99% fat free, it isn’t free of calories. 170 calories isn’t ‘no calories’ but it is definitely on the low side of your options for an afternoon snack. Those afternoons when you want the flavor of coffee but aren’t worried about the ‘stay awake’ of your afternoon cup.