Costco Introduces Instant Coffee Drink Packets

Brandy has been keeping her eyes open for new instant coffee offerings. And it appears she has found a box of Cappuccino that Costco is selling under their Kirkland brand name. Here is what Brandy found:

Kirkland Signature Café Cappuccino™ is a little like a coffee house in a packet. You can make it hot, iced, or blend it for a cost-efficient, do-it-yourself frappuccino.

Ideally, I appreciate the convenience of premeasured, prepackaged coffee, but only if it’s worthwhile. This one is. Personally, I love that it comes in a premeasured packet, as opposed to a canister. I can carry it with me (and I don’t have to worry about how much mix to use).

The consistency of this mix is much better than similarly marketed easy-prep cappuccino mixes. This one doesn’t settle to the bottom quickly and doesn’t come off as watery-tasting (which I find to be the fatal flaw in Folgers and Hills Bros. cappuccino mixes). That gave me the confidence to be a little more creative. (Such liberties are not recommended with inferior coffee mixes; trust me.)

But, let’s not lose sight of the most important part: The espresso! Many competitors’ brands contain the instant coffee, but lack the instant espresso. What’s the point? So, if you’re too lazy to lug your espresso machine around with you (or too cheap to buy one in the first place), this could be a viable alternative.

I prefer iced coffee, which we were able to easily achieve. The package also suggests blending, which I also did. Simply add milk (or water) and ice and mix in the blender. I topped it off with whipped cream and chocolate shavings and even forewent my morning trip to Starbucks. (We also blended it with vanilla ice cream and served it in shot glasses with whipped cream and sprinkles for a dessert treat.)

Kirkland Signature Café Cappuccino retails for about $1 a serving, which allows you to give your wallet and your barista a break.

These are big packets! Here is the Kirkland instant cappuccino next to the Starbucks VIA.