Good coffee gone bad from the wrong mug choice

I have had a couple coffee cup failures recently, so I’m looking for a couple simple go-to mugs I will be using around the house when there isn’t time to stop and replace. It is interesting that after a bit of research, the material that a coffee mug is made of can impact the taste of the coffee in it.

Porcelain and ceramic mugs are popular options as they are non-reactive, which means that they don’t interact with the coffee and change its taste. We have a few of our favorite Italian ceramic painted mugs, but the beauty of them does make a person a bit more cautious. Glass mugs are also a good choice for this reason, as they don’t add any unwanted flavors to the coffee. I have posted before the multi layer glass mugs we have used. The dual layer glass has a weird impact on the senses as your lower lip on the outer glass is cool and the inner is warm, a much larger difference that a single layer ceramic or glass.

On the other hand, some materials can impact the taste of coffee. For example, metal mugs such as stainless steel, aluminum, and copper can affect the taste of the coffee by making it taste metallic or slightly acidic. Plastic mugs are also not recommended for coffee as they can leave an unwanted aftertaste. As plastic ages, it seems to impact the coffee inside of it differently too.

Additionally, the thickness of the mug can impact the temperature of the coffee. Thick materials like stoneware or double-walled glass like I pointed out above, can keep the coffee hot for longer periods of time, while thin materials like paper or single-walled glass may cause the coffee to cool more quickly.

With that in mind, my search for replacements is narrowed down. The material that a coffee mug is made of can impact the taste of the coffee in it, with non-reactive materials like porcelain, ceramic, and glass being the best options for maintaining the intended flavor of the coffee.

One example of the actual Italian Ceramic mugs we actually enjoy every day. Please note that if you purchase from clicking on the link, some will result in my getting a tiny bit of that sale to help keep this site going.