Jerry Seinfeld drives his comedy friends around and stops for coffee, the new show must be funny!

I have high hopes for Jerry Seinfeld and his new comedy show “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee“.

He brings together his comedy friends, they drive around in classic cars with a GoPro on the dashboard, then stop for a coffee to talk a bit. I’m sure there will be some gags along the way that will mean the most to those having seen Jerry work with that comedian in other shows. The quick preview YouTube video covers a few of the cars and comedians to get a sense of how they will be interacting. There is very little in the video about coffee, which is what we here are all interested in. I wonder if they will always be going to the same coffee spot or not… most likely not since the preview shows the cars in a variety of areas.

The show’s actual site “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” provides little more information other than to say that the show¬†Premieres Thursday, July 19 @ 9pm EST.


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