Oops, missed the whole George Clooney, Nespresso “What Else” thing

In this month’s (January) “Wallpaper” magazine is a two page add for Nespresso showing George Clooney. Wow, he is now doing Nespresso ads now.

Well, actually, he has been doing them for more than a year. My miss, my bad. It would appear that he filmed a commercial for Nespresso just after releasing his movie “Up In The Air” in 2009. I found a page on Nespresso pointing to it. The below is a screen shot of the resulting page. It would appear that the commercial wasn’t for the U.S. .

But, leave it to YouTube and you can find the video you want or need. Here is George being George and Nespresso doing coffee.

And a follow on to that one with John Malkovich