Free Espresso iPhone Backdrop Images

If your a iPhone or iPod Touch owner… and a Espresso Fan, here is a few free images you can use as backdrops. They are all sized to be backdrops so you do not need to alter them. If you do not know how to use/install these, I have included instructions at the end of the post.

After you download any of the above images, add them to your iPhoto folder that you sync to your iPhone. Or add them to an email that you can check with your iPhone.

Select the image from the email on your iPhone or select the Photos application on your iPhone – the one with the Sunflower on it.

Select the ‘Camera roll’ option to see pictures you have taken or any of the other groups you may have created from images you loaded on via your desktop computer.

Find the image you want to use and tap it so it appears full screen.

Tap the icon in the lower left corner of the screen that looks like a box with an arrow coming out of it. If you do not have one, the system has hidden those so you can see the full image. Tap anywhere on the image to make the bar of button options along the bottom of the screen to appear or disappear.

Once you have tapped the lower left corner icon, choose the Wallpaper button.

You can use the image as you see it by selecting the Done button – or you can zoom in by the usual two finger expand method. If you zoom in, you can use one finger to move the image around so you will have just the part you want to appear then tap the ‘Done’ button.

Remember when your adjusting the image that there is the Time/Date along the top of the screen and the unlock slider along the bottom that will partially cover those parts of the screen.


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