Espresso Shop game for your iPhone

I love espresso… and I have an iPhone I use a lot. Particularly in those espresso spots that offers WiFi. There are all kinds of iPhone apps for finding coffee shops, ordering drinks and even a couple that tell you how to mix your lattes. Most of the latte making tip apps are lacking. I will keep looking and report here if I find any that are a must have.

Meanwhile – there is a fun little Espresso Shop game app. My wife really enjoys these type of games so she stepped right up (99 cents) and grabbed it to play.

Aroma Coffee is a game where you set up a shop, take orders from your visitors, make the drinks and accept money from your happy customers. Make enough money to upgrade to better hardware and expand to more stores. My wife is taking over the whole US right now, making drinks and spending it on new locations. Here is a link to the game in the iTunes Apps area. It works great on the iPhone, but not so good on the iPod Touch (don’t buy this app unless you have an iPhone. If your a Touch owner, wait for the next version!).

coffee game 1