Tis the season for Coffee Cake

While I am pretty much a coffee drinker, even more so a espresso drinker than coffee. For most folks, coffee is one part of a two part event. There is the coffee and there is the ‘some sort of snack’ food. Coffee Cake is by name, the one food item that really wants to be thought of as the perfect coffee side item.

There are the cookies, the breads, the sandwiches and the sweets… all very important for particular coffee times. In case your thinking that there is but one ‘coffee cake’ and then your done. I found a nice list of 21, many of which I had not heard of and even more that will need to be tried.

As it would happen, this list of 21 Coffee Cakes is actually 21 Tempting Coffee Cake Recipes. So, the pleasure wont be ours of sampling many till we spend a bit of time in the kitchen… or convince a loved one that during the festive season it would be fun for a ‘family’ project. Fear not, the list of ingredients for Coffee Cake is short and only involves mixing them all together and baking. Hmmm… baking is a good time to have a cup of great coffee too, this could be  a start of a wonderful relationship!


Pictured is Janet’s Apple Ginger Hazelnut Coffee Cake